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Shandong UXG Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, as a high-quality top-level spherical roller bearing manufacturer established in 2014, has been positioned to serve middle and high end market via high performance bearing since its establishment. At Tthis expo UXG mainly brought supporting bearings used in mining machinery, metallurgy, agricultural machinery and steel mill rolling mills and other fields etc for displaying. According to General Manager Mr Cai of UXG Bearing, the quality distance between UXG and the international top manufactuers has been significantly reduced from raw material to processing technology such as roughness. Special research and development have been carried out for special application fields in UXG to maximize Increased bearing life and efficient operation; newly developed roller bearings for agricultural machinery have been upgraded with solid grease. UXG Bearing, a typical representative of high-quality R&D bearing manufacturers in China. For more info,please contact or visit
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