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95% (within hours)
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4.7 billion yuan
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more than 500
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Supporting Bearings for Major Technical Equipment, Rail Transit Bearings, Vehicle Bearings, Wind Power New Energy Bearings, Precision Machine Tools and Precision Ball Screw.
Wafangdian Bearing Group Corp., Ltd
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Wafangdian Bearing Group Corp., Ltd
ZWZ has strong technical support capabilities. Its R&D center is the national large-scale bearing technology center. It has ZWZ-Romax global bearing joint simulation technology center, ZWZ-Taylor Hobson joint testing laboratory and full-function bearing life testing center. In addition, ZWZ's Bremer R&D center in Germany is responsible for the research and development of high-end industrial equipment bearings and wind power bearings. ZWZ Detroit R&D Center is for automotive bearings. ZWZ has 9 manufacturing bases, 8 in China and 1 in Germany. There are 11,000 employees in total. The production range is from ID 20mm to OD 16000mm, suitable for all types of bearings. The highest accuracy is P2. ZWZ serves steel plants, cement industry, mining industry, diversified transmission gearboxes, construction machinery, petroleum machinery, windmills, automobiles, railways, ships, etc. Only buyers log in to view contact information
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Special report to ZWZ on the first day
On the first day of the exhibition, China Top 1 bearing brand ZWZ booth was full of vistors. Many vistors learned about the latest ZWZ products and asked for sample brochures, which truly reflected the love of China's No. 1 bearing in China. Mr. Chen,General manager of overseas export branch from ZWZ accepted our interview very enthusiastically, and described the details of each product from each product section of ZWZ. At present, the minimum size of the bearing products developed and produced by ZWZ is about 50mm in inner diameter. The specific product segments are divided into: construction machinery bearing series (including a shield machine special bearing firstly developed by ZWZ in China, and a high-precision, high-speed, high-load spherical roller bearing), precision machinery bearing series ( Mainly used for machine tools and motors), cement machinery bearings, special bearings (for ultra-low temperature minus 80 degrees), rail transit series (for subways, locomotives, high-speed rail and railway freight vehicles, etc.), new energy wind power series bearings. Finally, Mr. Chen introduced ZWZ’s global R&D and monitoring platform, which currently includes 4, headquarters, American R&D center, European R&D center and Shanghai R&D center. It will assure ZWZ will be in a higher leading position in global bearing industry.ZWZ welcome more European and American bearing distributors and end users to have a deeper understanding of ZWZ and establish close sustainable win-win cooperation. For more info ,please send email to or visit
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