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E94 Bushing-E94/E94-F
  • E94 Bushing-E94/E94-F

E94 Bushing-E94/E94-F

Material: CuSn8
Cu: 91.3%
Sn: 8.5%
P: 0.2%
Static Load: 120 N/mm^2
Dynamic Load: 40 N/mm^2
Max. Speed: >2.5 m/s
Max. PV Value: 2.8 N/mm^2 · m/s
Tensile Strength: 450 N/mm^2 · m/s
Hardness: 90-120 HB
Elongation: 40%
Coefficient of Friction: 0.08~0.25 μ

Product Detail

E94 bearing E93 is basic research and development, surface hole arrangement rules may apply grease before assembly or after assembly, so that the work is easy to form the transfer film, reduce the friction coefficient. Having oil storage capacity, long cycle maintenance-free advantages. The products are widely used in agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, engineering machinery.

E94 Chemical Composition

Part NoMaterialCuSnPPbZn


E94 Oil Indentations/Holes


E94 Material Characteristics

Max. Load Capacity

Static LoadN/mm2120
Dynamic LoadN/mm240
Max. Speed

Max. PV ValueN/mm2 · m/s2.8
Tensile StrengthN/mm2 · m/s450
Yiled PointN/mm2 · m/s250
Coefficient of Frictionμ0.08~0.25
Operation Temperature Range-100~200
Operation Temperature RangeW/(m · k)60
Coefficient of Thermal Expansionk-115×10-6

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