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Drive kits
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Drive kits

Material: spring,grease,stamping parts

Product Detail

Put an end to bad fit, incomplete model, poor stability, after-sales protection, even damage to the engine and other serious problems, increase the power of the car, improve driving safety.

Spring: original set torque to ensure the correct tension of the belt.

Oil seal: small friction coefficient, high temperature aging resistance, long-term reliable sealing performance.

Grease: high temperature viscosity, excellent lubrication performance; Low temperature good fluidity, water resistance and rust resistance.

Stamping parts: high grade thin steel plate, precision stamping, with extremely high size and roundness precision to achieve accurate operation of bearings.

Inner and outer ring: improved bearing steel, super wear resistance, specially designed raceway profile to meet the special running requirements of tensioning wheels.

Roller: high wear resistant material manufacturing; Ultra precision processing, lower noise, longer life.

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