Register as an online buyer of 2021 China Bearing Show

Note:During the cloud exhibition, all attendees need to open two systems at the same time, one is a system for quick communication and interaction (For April 12~15) and (For April 15~17); the other is a system for searching exhibitors, viewing exhibits, and exchanging business cards

All interactive chats, timely video and audio conference/meeting/sessions, and viewing live broadcasts and schedules can be completed in the quick exchange cloud exhibition conference system (exhibition workbench)!

Buyer guide to attend 2021 CnBearing Expo:

Step 1:

Buyers need to complete registration before you can log in to the online exhibition page, conduct online one-on-one conversations and purchase meeting, switch name card ,watch live broadcasts, etc.

Registration/Login Entry




Step 2: How to look for exhibitors

Firstly,go into exhibitors page:


Secondly,you can search any supplier you need from the exhibitors page.

Thirdly, you can Start a purchase meeting, online chat  or  subscribe live or Inquiry bottom price etc with any exhibitor you like.




Step3: Need a global sourcing and matching accurate suppliers

Buyers can independently submit purchasing requirements, and the system independently matches suppliers based on data. Go to







Step4: Go into your management system on CnBearing Expo to manage all inquiry,name card info,purchase meeting schedule; watch live schedule etc.



Meeting Countdown


Purchase Matching Meeting




Step5: How to watch live from more exhibitors?

Firstly,you can subscribe the live of a certain exhibitor; then you can watch it at the live date. Go to to watch all live info from all exhibitors.

Live broadcast:






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