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Activity Rules

Welcome to participate in the free lottery of 2022 June CnBearing Online Expo dated from From 10:00 am June 10 th to 10:00 am June 12th! Just complete the free registration of to participate! Our high-quality exhibitors will provide you with more surprises!

1. Draw time: From 10:00 am on June 10th to 10:00 am on June 12th

2. Objects of the lottery: Free overseas bearing and transmission parts and related traders, distributors and end users who have completed the registration or once you complete the registation during the draw time ,then you can attend it .

3. Prize rules:

1) The awards include: exquisite gifts, product brochures or free samples provided by Chinese exhibitors (the sample courier fee shall be borne by overseas customers; the courier fee for gifts and product brochures shall be borne by Chinese exhibitors) or specific special offers for placing orders in 2022
2) Prizes are provided by Chinese excellent exhibitors.
3) There is an additional opportunity to receive gifts, product brochures and cooperation special policy support provided by 2022 June CnBearing Online Expo sponsors.

4. Draw rules:

1) Each registered account can draw 3 times; ---If a company has multiple accounts, you can choose the prize drawn by one account to get the corresponding prize.
2) The award is valid for half a year.

5. Lucky draw place: There is a striking lottery draw button on the homepage of the official website of the cloud exhibition, click to enter the lottery draw page and you can draw a lottery.

6. How to redeem the prize? --After the lottery is completed, you can clearly see which exhibitors' gifts or related special offers, etc you will receive,which will be permanently stored in the "Your account management area on after your registration, and you will receive specific gifts within half a year.

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