Exhibition Name: 2021 China Bearing and Power Transmission Expo (Online) 

Exhibition Time:  Nov 8-12, 2021

Website:     www.bearingshow.net

Organizer:    www.bearing.com.cn,  www.bearingnet.net

Expected scale:   Exhibitors: 300+, Visitors: 10,000+, Concurrent activities: 30+


It is because the global epidemic has caused a lot of inconvenience to Chinese bearing and power transmission export companies and global buyers. We hope we can do something to help solve the procurement and supply problems of the global bearing and transmission industry through this online new media methods etc. China Bearing and Power Transmission Expo (Online) gives full play to the advantages of Internet technology and realizes the function and scene of offline exhibition, in order to help Chinese bearing and power transmission enterprises breakthrough global market online and seize new opportunities for global buyer and sellers. 

So,from Nov 8th to 12th, 2021, China CnBearing's first phase of the online cloud exhibition for the bearing and transmission industry will be fully launched to help solve bearing industry procurement and supply problem. This online cloud exhibition is co-sponsored by CBCC (www.bearing.com.cn) and BearingNet (www.bearingnet.net). The cloud online exhibition covers the Digital Cloud Exhibition, Global Supply and Procurement, Live Broadcast via Mobile Phone/PC, Video Conference and Instant Communication and other new media marketing methods. We sincerely invite you to participate and visit online!

Highlights of the Expo

1. 5 days*24 hours cloud exhibition (mobile phone/PC live broadcast/switch both Chinese and English at any time)

The Online Cloud Exhibition provides exhibitors with full-day online digital exhibition, live broadcast, online meeting, online trading, online activities and other scenes.

2. Directly connect with the person in charge of the procurement online to efficiently obtain business opportunities

3. 20 years of international marketing experience in bearing industry

We only invited Chinese bearing manufacturers and traders with guaranteed qualifications and credibility to create a healthy trading environment.

4. Centralized procurement makes the price more reasonable 

5. Instant communication

1) Instant communication software provides real-time translation services between Chinese and English; 2) Only purchasers can start instant communication with exhibitors; 3) Instant communication software supports sending text, pictures, emoticons, and videos. Files are not currently supported.

6. Online cloud live broadcast breaks limitations of time and space, presenting a panoramic view of the highlights of their factories and products. 

24-hour live broadcast marketing seamlessly connects buyers from all over the world.

7.Appointment and online meeting

Through the video conference software ZOOM etc, you will start your online meeting, as long as the purchaser makes an appointment in advance and the exhibitor confirms.

Tips of the online buyer matching meeting:

1. Purchasing matching meeting for foreign buyers: invitation-arrangement-matching;

2. One-to-one invitations (phonecall/email) to companies of more than 80 countries around the world;

3. Purchasing matching meeting---an exhibitor receives a WeChat message and decides whether to accept the invitation

----One-to one online video conference communication with buyers, which can accurately match buyers and suppliers, providing a new online transaction experience...

4. Global supply and procurement docking

The online exhibition page will have a "Global Supply and Sourcing Docking" column, buyers can publish information according to their own requirements, and the organizer will match the corresponding suppliers according to your requirements.


Scope of Exhibits

Hall A: Bearing

A1 Standard Bearing A2 Special Bearing A3 Non-Standard Bearing

Hall B: Power Transmission

B1 Sprocket B2 Chain B3 Seal B4 Belt B5 Pulley B6 Other

Hall C: Bearing accessories and equipments

C1 Bearing Accessories C2 bearing Oil Chemical Products

C3 Inspection, Measurement and Test Equipment

C4 Heat Treatment Equipment/Forging Machinery/Grinding and Superfinishing Machine/CNC Lathe


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